Update @ 0830UTC 23 April 2016: I am now on Norfolk Island and only got the halyard over a palm tree just before dark. The dipole should go up tomorrow morning sometime and I will start some of the DXing sometime after that, at least to test the setup. Please remember that this is a holiday and not just a DXpedition. I anticipate that I should be on air most of Monday and Tuesday local time, and then again Thursday and Friday. I am not sure about night time operations as yet as I will have to be aware of TVI - they use masthead amplifiers on their TV feeders here.

Update @ 2100 UTC 23 April 2016 (Sunday 24th 8AM local time)  : The antenna won't go up until there is a long enough break in the rain for it to be set it up. Sorry if you are waiting... so am I.

Update @ 0000 UTC 24 April 2016 (Sunday 24th 11AM local time)  : The antenna is UP, covering 3.5, 7, 10, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28 and 50MHz and tunes ok but there is minimal propagation at the moment. I will re-check periodically over the next few hours to see when it improves. 

Update @ 0100 UTC 25 April 2016 (Monday 25th 12PM local time)  : The dipole/inv-V has been re-oriented about 90 degrees so the maximum lobes will be mostly East-West and tuned closer to the band segments for the actual antenna mounting height.

Update @ 0545 UTC 25 April 2016 (Monday 25th 4.45PM local time)  : Propagation on most bands is woeful and the weaker signals on 7, 10 and 14 MHz are being hidden under some local hash - presumably from a pair of Aurora solar inverters on the wall near the antenna. Operation on 18MHz earlier in the afternoon produced some good contacts without any hash present.

Update @ 2300 UTC 25 April 2016 (Tuesday 26th 10AM local time)  : Hash is covering all the lower bands with rubbish as strong as S5 - stronger sunlight today. I will try to activate 18 and 21 MHz during the day, 7 and 14 (maybe 3.5) this evening/tonight.

Update @ 0100 UTC 26 April 2016 (Wednesday 27th 12PM local time)  : Lower levels of noise apparent across the bands today but virtually no signals heard. Will try again as time permits (non-AR day today).

Update @ 2200 UTC 27 April 2016 (Thursday 28th 10AM local time)  : The main hash source seems confirmed as being from the TV and/or DVD player in the lounge room. Now turned off at the wall and only the rhythmic burst pulses from the solar system causing QRN. Some weak signals heard about 1800UT on both 7 and 10 MHz but too weak to be able to work. No stations worked yesterday at all as it was a non-operating day, touristing instead. Will be on 14, 18, 21 MHz later in the day when I hope there will be some propagation. Look for VK9NU on frequencies around 3610-3615, 7145-7155, 10115-10125, 14195-14205, 18115-18125, 21250-21255, not currently needing to work split. Nothing heard on 24, 28 or 50 MHz.

Update @ 2145 UTC 28 April 2016 (Friday 29th 8.45AM local time)  : A really good day on 15m yesterday, nothing much on other bands except a little on 20m in our mid-afternoon. I tried 40m last night (local time) but minimal activity heard. Listened around 1800UT this morning on most bands looking for significant activity - best was 40m but no response to my lengthy CQ calls on 7150 and 7091.  Hoping for more on/around 21250 and 18115 KHz later in the day today, maybe 14200 in the afternoon.  

Note : This is my last real day for operating as my XYL and I will be tourist-ing more over the remaining days. 

Update @ 0800 UTC 1 May 2016 (Sunday 1 May 7PM local time)  :   I have continued to work on 15, 17 and 20 metres but much of the DX is having issues hearing the 100w transmitter with their local QRM issues.  I will try to work on those bands some more early tomorrow afternoon local time but the antenna will have to come down just after that or very early Tuesday morning before our departure back to VK4. Contact count is just over 770 at this stage. The log on this site will be updated just before I head off to bed tonight.

Update @ 1015 UTC 1 May 2016 (Sunday 1 May 9.15PM local time)  :   Log updated @ 825 QSOs.

Update @ 0230 UTC 2 May 2016 (Monday 2 May 1.30PM local time)  :   Log updated @ 872 QSOs. The antenna will probably be packed up later this evening so this is the last day of on-air activity. Back on the plane tomorrow....

Update @ 1000 UTC 2 May 2016 (Monday 2 May 9PM local time)  :   Log updated @ 976 QSOs to this web site. The antenna was left up to try to crack 1000 QSOs but band noise on 40 plus almost no propagation on 20, 17 and 15 made that impossibble with the 100 watts. The antenna will have to be packed early tomorrow morning so tonight will be the end of the holiday activation unless I wake up really early and conditions are good enough for me to squeeze in a few final contacts. We are back to Australia tomorrow and then I will return to my VK4 callsign.

Update @ 1900 UTC 2 May 2016 (Tuesday 3 May 7AM local time)  :   I called CQ on both 7145 and 14195 about 1800-1900UTC for about 30 minutes without getting an answer. The antenna was quickly pulled down and it plus the radio gear packed in the suitcase for the trip home.