Weight in the luggage on the plane trip is a major concern so the equipment to be used will be physically small and light:

IC-7000 as used at VK9NU, Norfolk IslandIcom IC-7000 @100W (2.3Kg)
LDG Z100 tuner as used at VK9NU, Norfolk IslandLDG Z-100 autotuner (450g)

12V 23A switch mode power supply, DSE Q1755 (about 1Kg)


ASUS Netbook (1.5Kg)

Software:  N1MM+ 1.0.5 Logging Software or VKCL in general log mode


Balun, 3 x 10M coaxes, 8 x trapped dipole sections, nylon ropes, interface
cables and adapters etc will all add to the transit weight.
(The luggage limit is 23KG per suitcase so the remainder will be my clothes "allowance".) 


(This is the same basic equipment configuration, antennas & cables excepted, that I take portable in the caravan when we go away for a trip)

Operation is expected to be on 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28MHz plus 50MHz on the main trapped wire dipole (or an inverted-V shape depending on how it fits with the palm tree formation). I am taking an additional trapped wire dipole(/V) section to share the balun and covering 10, 18 and 24 MHz, but whether it gets fitted is (again) determined by the tree arrangement. I will have no real control over the mounting directions but am hoping the major lobes will fall at NE-SW (good for Europe SP/LP)  or NW-SE (good for North America SP/LP).

Any operation on 10, 18, 24 MHz SSB is thus only possible if that trapped section has been fitted.

The whole multiband antenna arrangement has been tuned and tested at my home QTH based on a typical palm tree height (6-7 metres) and the lowest SWR frequencies are close to the ones published on the Frequencies listing on this web site.

Note that I will be operating SSB only - my CW ear is somewhat rusty - and I will not be using computer-based CW software as the Asus Netbook PC used for logging is not that quick a device, particularly under Windows 7. OK for logging but not both functions.


There will only be the non-rotatable multi-band trap dipole/V in use, with a vertical wire antenna as an aternative if required..