Norfolk Island Info :

Location: 29.0293 S / 167.9453 E


Maidenhead Grid : RG30xx23

IOTA: OC-005

Group Name: Norfolk Island

Main prefix: VK9

ITU Zone: 60

CQ Zone: 32

World Wide Flora & Fauna VKFF-0392

Local time on Norfolk is now 11 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (or UTC+11:00). (previously was 11:30 ahead, altered late 2015)


Position with respect to both Australia and New Zealand.


Layout of the island. Note the length of the airstrips relative to the size of the whole island.
My location was near dead-centre of the image, along Grassy Road.


The whole of "Norfolk Island" is really quite small, only about 8KM x 5KM.

The main beach & lagoon area at Emily Bay and Slaughter Bay the south-eastern end of the island.


The northern end of Norfolk.