These are web pages for articles from the VK4ADC.COM web site prior to 1 Jan 2024.

Note that web links to EXE or ZIP files within the PDFs are not valid, although some ZIP files are available from a separate links page.

While many of these pages could be considered old by their date, there are still some good ideas contained within the articles.

10 MHz OCXO Project.pdf
160-80-40 Metre Trapped V - Dipole.pdf
2 Metre 'Troppo' - FNQ to SEQ - 29 Sep 2011.pdf
2 Metre 5_8th wave whip.pdf
2.4 GHz & 3.4 GHz Transverter Ideas.pdf
2009 John Moyle Field Day.pdf
2009 Spring VHF_UHF Field Day.pdf
2009 Summer VHF_UHF Field Day.pdf
2009 Winter VHF_UHF Field Day.pdf
2010 John Moyle Field Day.pdf
2010 Spring VHF_UHF Field Day.pdf
2010 Summer VHF_UHF Field Day.pdf
2010 Winter VHF_UHF Field Day.pdf
2011 Brisbane Microwave Field Day.pdf
2011 Brisbane Microwave Tune-Up Day.pdf
2011 Spring VHF_UHF Field Day.pdf
2011 Summer VHF_UHF Field Day.pdf
2011 Winter VHF-UHF Field Day.pdf
2012 John Moyle Field Day.pdf
2012 SEQ Microwave Test_TuneUp Day.pdf
2012 Spring VHF_UHF Field Day.pdf
2012 Summer VHF_UHF Field Day.pdf
2012 Winter Field Day.pdf
2013 Brisbane Tune_Test_Antenna Day - April 21.pdf
2013 John Moyle Field Day.pdf
2013 Microwave Activity Day - Feb 24.pdf
2013 Summer VHF_UHF Field Day.pdf
2013 Winter VHF_UHF Field Day.pdf
2014 Spring Field Day.pdf
2014 Summer Field Day.pdf
2014 Winter Field Day.pdf
2015 John Moyle Field Day.pdf
2015 Summer VHF_UHF Field Day.pdf
2016 John Moyle Field Day.pdf
2016 Spring VHF_UHF Field Day.pdf
2016 Summer VHF_UHF Field Day.pdf
23cm _ 1296 MHz Transverter.pdf
23cm _1296MHz Field Day Yagi.pdf
28MHz SARS Beacon Project.pdf
4 GHz Counter Pre-Scaler Project.pdf
50MHz CB Conversion.pdf
50MHz_6m J-pole Antenna.pdf
6 Element 50MHz_6m Yagi.pdf
70cm _ 432 MHz Transverter Project.pdf
A 'Fast' FD Yagi Mounting.pdf
A 13cm _ 2403 MHz Power Amp Stage.pdf
A Coffee Can Feed for 2.4 & 3.4 GHz.pdf
A Homebrew Microwave RF Power Meter.pdf
A Low-Cost 10 MHz TCXO.pdf
A Low-Power 70cm Mini-Transverter.pdf
A Microwave RF Bridge.pdf
A Picaxe 08M Tone Signal Generator.pdf
A PICAXE-based Audio Frequency Decoder._.pdf
A PICAXE-based Rotator Controller.pdf
A Variable Base-Loading-Coil for use under a HF Mobile Whip.pdf
Adjusting HF Antenna Lengths.pdf
Australian amateur radio licences data.pdf
Australian CB Channel Information.pdf
BandView software add-on for WSJT-X for Windows.pdf
Beware fake semiconductors.pdf
Brisbane Microwave Activity Day - 28 October 2012.pdf
Building a W1GHZ-based 2.4GHz Transverter.pdf
Building a W1GHZ-based 3.4GHz Transverter.pdf
Coaxial Cable Comparisons.pdf
Contact Me.._.pdf
Diamond W8010 replica info - PA2C.pdf
Dig-Link software _ automatic digital contest logging from WSJT-X to VKCL.pdf
Extending a Cushcraft A3S Triband Yagi to add 18 and 24MHz.pdf
Extending VKCL software for easy logging of microwave contacts.pdf
FCC Trial Exam Software.pdf
Field Day Antenna Rotation.pdf
Field Day Ideas 2008_2009 { _ VHF & UHF FD Antenna Techniques }.pdf
FM Broadcast _Fix_ for the Yaesu FT-1802M.pdf
GPS2Time - a means of sync-ing your computer clock using a GPS Receiver.pdf
GPSDO _ GPS Disciplined Oscillator.pdf
HF Field Day Antenna Ideas.pdf
HF Helical Whip Calculator.pdf
Icom CIV info for IC-7000 and IC7400.pdf
Icom IC-706Mk2G High Stability Option Results.pdf
Icom Transceiver Antenna Band-switching Project.pdf
LogView for WSJT-X.pdf
Low Cost Antenna Traps.pdf
Measuring SWR at 1296 MHz - My Way._.pdf
MHW1815 _ MHW1915 Modifications for 23cm Amateur Use.pdf
Microwave Activity Day - May 2012.pdf
Modifying The Conifer Grid Pack Feed.pdf
My Slice of Pi - a WSPR beacon project.pdf
Need A Crystal But Don't Want to Order A New One ___.pdf
Noise sources affecting the radio shack.pdf
PICAXE Transverter Sequencer.pdf
PICAXE-based Auto Antenna Switch for Icom Radios.pdf
Portable HF Antenna Options.pdf
Producing PCBs from positive artwork and positive resist PCB material.pdf
PSKReporter Viewer.pdf
Quick Amateur Radio Prefix Lookup Software.pdf
Radio-quiet notebook computers.pdf
SDR Up-Converter Project.pdf
Squid Pole Use for HF Antennas - A Topic Revisited.pdf
Stabilising Crystal Oscillators _ The _X-Locker_ Project.pdf
The Amateur Microwave Scene in Europe 2012.pdf
The Squid Pole Wire Antenna Re-visited - Again.._.pdf
The Trials & Tribulations Of Going Portable.._.pdf
The _VK4ADC_ Family Caravan.pdf
Toroidal BALUN Info.pdf
Tuning HF Coaxial Antenna Traps.pdf
Turnstile VHF_UHF Field Day Antenna.pdf
TV UHF Band 4_5 Log Periodic Yagi.pdf
Updating a 2.4GHz DEMI Transverter Local Oscillator.pdf
Using the Silicon Laboratories' Si4133 RF Synthesiser Chip.pdf
Using VKCL with Multiple Icom Radios.pdf
VHF PLL Frequency Synthesiser.pdf
WSPRView software for Windows.pdf
X-Lock-ing the Kuhne 10GHz G2 transverter.pdf
X-Lock-ing the Kuhne 1296 MHz G2 transverter.pdf
X-Locker V3.pdf
_Fixing_ the LDG Z100 ATU.pdf