VKLogger forum gone.... 27 August 2016

2nd September 2016


It seems that Adam VK4GHZ and operator of the VKLogger.com website facility has done yet another "dummyspit" and  taken the forum facility offline as far as new posts and topics are concerned and has suggested using Facebook groups in lieu.

Sure he has archived the forum posts accumulated over the past 10 years or so but many of us do not use Facebook -  nor want to.  

I was logging into the forum at least twice a day on any typical day and kept across lots of active topics of interest to amateurs in Australia and elsewhere in the world. My recollection is that I had contributed some 480 posts across those topics while Adam had only made about 540, so I was a reasonably active participant.

It is not his first AR-related dummyspit (and probably won't be his last) but it is a pity he choose to do it that way he did. VKlogger has been updated to show "Despite what you may read from ill-informed individuals, a change in personal circumstances along with a low Forum participation ratio means I can (NO) longer maintain this forum. After 11 years of almost daily maintenance, it's time to move on."

I have spent the last week hoping that someone else will set up a similar PHPBB forum for Australian amateur operators elsewhere that we can all join.. Then again, maybe I am being too hopeful..  

5 Sep 2016 Update:

OZLOGGER.NET has been established in lieu, and while it isn't an exact clone of the VKLogger forum, it looks a lot like it since it is also based on PHPBB. It is starting off without any posts so the old forum will be needed for historical item lookups and OzLogger for any new postings.

It will obviously take a while to get it closer in functionality but it is better than doing without a forum at all. 


10 July 2017

The Forum at Ozlogger.net has undergone a domain name change. The ozlogger name was a variant of the demised vklogger forum but now it is time to move forward. The new domain name is AHRDF.NET to reflect the content: the Australian Ham Radio Discussion Forum